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The Ultimate Jedi Posing Guide!

An unofficial Star Wars posing guide. All photos have been taken and edited by me (@charlottewoolrych_photography) unless otherwise stated.

Whether it’s your first cosplay or your hundredth, everyone can use a little inspiration for poses sometimes! As a Star Wars cosplayer and photographer, I’ve collected some of the best poses to use on camera to make yourself (and your photographer) happy!

I'll be at Star Wars Celebration 2023 from Saturday until Monday, both shooting and cosplaying if anyone wants a photoshoot! I shoot with everyone, beginner to professional so drop me a message on @charlottewoolrych_photography if you'd like to catch me!

1. The Straight Saber Pose.

  • With both hands on the upwards pointing Lightsaber, bring it backwards to be level with your waist.

  • Keep your face to the camera to create a nice rim light effect with the light from your saber blade.

  • This pose is great for highlighting cheekbones, jaw lines and hair/headpieces. It’s also easy for most people, regardless of age and mobility to do.

  • Simple, good for detail shots of lightsabers, cosplays and headshots. Great in dim areas to create a little light halo around one side of the face.

  • Photographers: Try to get the saber light just round the rim of the face for the most dramatic shots. Also great for lighting half the face with a colour.

2. Action Lightsaber Pose (Diagonal Above head)

  • With both hands on the saber bring it above your head to one side

  • Angle the saber a little (this should be done so it feels ‘natural’ to hold)

  • Push your opposite shoulder forward to create depth and drama to the photo – (you should feel like you’re in a fighting stance!)

  • Look slightly behind and away from the saber for the dramatic side lighting effect.

  • Look in the same direction you’re holding the blade to wash colour over the whole face.

  • Keeping the blade up above the head provides flattering highlights for cheekbones and any paint detailing on the face.

  • Simple again, great for action shots.

  • Photographers: Help guide the turn of the head to decide how much colour they want on the face.

3. Action Lightsaber, cross body. (The classic pose for Jedi and Sith alike!)

  • Bring your saber up across your body, being careful not to put the blade between your face and the camera.

  • To create depth and shadow, push your hands away from your body whilst holding the saber.

  • Lean forward with your shoulder, looking past the blade to the camera

  • Try looking past the camera too at your ‘attacker’.

  • Great pose for easy clean face lighting, works at night and day. Accessible as can be done in most costumes, sitting, or standing.

  • Photographers: Get some great dramatic shots by changing the angle they shoot this pose at!

4. Power Stance (with Lightsaber)

  • Start in a ‘Wonder woman’ like pose but with hands by your side.

  • For a more structured pose:

    • Face the camera straight on. Your Lightsaber should be held downwards towards the ground at a 45 degree angle. Good posture here really helps!

    • Some additional ideas:

      • A hand in your belt,

      • A hand ready to grab a blaster from a holster (combine with the above for a relaxed but ready pose)

  • For a more dynamic pose.

    • Face the camera with one leg in front of the other, as if walking.

    • Put your weight more on one hip and angle your shoulders slightly to add depth to the pose.

    • Your saber should be held in one hand downward towards the ground, at a comfortable angle.

  • With 2 sabers, (think Ahsoka Tano):

    • Hold one saber in each hand and let them both point at opposite angles towards the ground.

    • Hold one saber forward and one slightly back to create depth. Keep them below your waist to avoid highlighting your face from below.

  • Hold one saber in a backwards grip to create more depth

  • Photographers: Great for power walking shots – try getting a little lower to give power to your subject!

Some more 'Advanced' pose ideas:

  1. Crouching


  • Great for dynamic shots, you can crouch in a 'fighting' stance with one leg out. Bonus points for balancing with a lightsaber too!

  • A calm crouch for a thoughtful jedi shot also looks great on camera, and is a good one for jedi without lightsabers.

2. Fighting (I encourage 'in-character- faces not pretty faces!)


  • If you've got more than one model, some close up shots of a duel are awesome for creating cool lighting effects and 'in-character' moments!

  • Only got one model? No problem. Imagine the direction your 'enemy' is coming from or incoming blaster bolts and get ready to defend yourself! Telling a story always makes a good shot. (Photographers: make sure you let your model know if your a photographer! It really helps!)

3. Force Wielding.

  • No lightsaber? No problem. You can always use the force for a few photos to get a different look for your cosplay.

  • Great for power shots when you want to focus on the costume and not just the lighting effects!

  • Combined with a saber this is one of my favourite shots (ever....)

So feel more prepared yet? I'll be at Star Wars Celebration 2023 from Saturday until Monday, both shooting and cosplaying if anyone wants a photoshoot! I shoot with everyone, beginner to professional so drop me a message on @charlottewoolrych_photography if you'd like to catch me!

May the force be with you all :p


Bonus Shot Ideas!

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